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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What magazines do you carry?
A1. We carry current issues of magazines in a wide range of subjects. We also carry the largest selection of ‘urban’ titles.
Q2. What issue will I receive?
A2. You will receive the current issue that is on sale, unless you specifically request a certain issue. The website is updated weekly with the latest issue replacing what's in stock. We ship the current issue that is on sale. If you need a specific issue, please give us a call at 866-756-1370 or email us at info@wallperiodicalsonline.com. Important: the cover picture you see will probably not be the one you receive. Cover pictures are only updated about once a month!
Q3. Is the cover shown the one I will receive?
A3. In most cases the answer is NO, so don't count on it. Covers shown are representative of a typical cover, but covers are only updated about once a month.
Q4. How do you ship & what will it cost?
A4. We currently ship through the US Postal Service using Delivery Confirmation. This is the best combination of speed and cost available. You will almost always have your order within 8-10 business days. The shipping cost is nominal. If you need overnight delivery or shipment to another country please call us at 866-756-1370 or email us at info@wallperiodicalsonline.com for shipping cost.
Q5. Can you ship to prisons?
A5. Yes, but certain rules and restrictions apply. Please check with the prison to verify. The following is an example of what some Correctional Institutions will not allow:
  • Adult magazines are generally not allowed.
  • Magazines depicting violence, gangs, gang signs, etc. are often rejected.
  • Men's magazines are sometimes rejected because of nudity.
  • The number of magazines allowed at one time is usually limited. It seems three is a safe number, but you must verify with the Correctional Institution.

When we ship an order we email you with the tracking number from US Postal Service so you can follow the shipment, but if the prison REJECTS OR REFUSES all or any part of the order, we assume no responsibility, and you must bear the cost.No refunds or credits will be provided by Wall Periodicals.
Q6. Can you ship to servicemen overseas?
A6. Yes.
Q7. Can you ship overseas?
A7. Yes, we can. Please call us at 866-756-1370 or email us at info@wallperiodicalsonline.com further information. We will provide you with a shipping quote and any customs requirements.
Q8. Can you get a current issue of a title that you don’t now carry?
A8. In general, the answer to this is no, but there are some exceptions. Most distributors send out all the magazines they receive from a publisher, and keep nothing in reserve for reorders or new orders. Please call or email us at info@wallperiodicalsonline.com and we can check for you.
Q9. Can you get back issues of magazines?
A9. Yes, our back issues are listed under the back issue tab.
Q10. Do you accept returns?
A10. Due to the timely nature of the material, the answer has to be no. If we shipped you a different title from the one you ordered, without getting your consent first, we will, of course, make it right. We ship you the current issue on sale, unless stated otherwise; so if you must have a specific issue of the magazine you are ordering, you should call us at 866-756-1370 or email us at info@wallperiodicalsonline.com to place your order. Otherwise, all sales are final. Remember - the cover picture you see; will in most cases, NOT be the one you will receive.
Q11. How will you ship and what will it cost?
  • For wholesale orders there is a $100 minimum order requirement. No minimum order requirement for single copy sales.
  • Wall Periodicals will hold an order where payment is due for a grace period of fifteen (15) days – if payment has not been received by the end of the grace period. The order will be placed back in stock & the magazine(s) may no longer be available.
  • Wall Periodicals accepts payment in the form of a Cashier’s Check, Certified Check, Money Order, PayPal – where you can use your Debit Card, Visa, MasterCard or American Express. WE DO NOT ACCEPT PERSONAL CHECKS.
  • All non-wholesale orders are to be paid for BEFORE an order will be shipped.
  • The customer pays for all shipping & handling fees.